Standing outside the fire in Armadillo Merino USA base layers Wearing base layers with my turnout gear

Founded in 2023
by firefighters for firefighters and the adventurer in all of us.

Our story started at the firehouse kitchen table when we read an article written by Diane Cotter about turnout gear and how it could be killing us. And, like any good discussion, it got our wheels turning and research on chemicals & PFAS and the effects they have on the body.

About US

We both have been impacted medically over the last few years. The medical battles we have faced have been directly linked to chemicals and PFAS. As we continued researching and participating in committees and working groups, we realized the magnitude of emerging threats to our brothers and sisters in the fire service and our communities. 

Our research discovered that the standards for station wear, and everyday clothing are incredibly hazardous to our health as they disrupt our endocrine system. These chemicals bio-accumulate and bio-magnify inside our bodies with time. We've spent the last four years researching and testing station wear, turnout gear, and everyday clothing dating back 17 years. To our dismay, it was all "dirty". 

There were no options or solutions for having truly safe station wear and everyday clothing until now! Armadillo Woolery was created to protect our fellow brothers and sisters in the fire service and everyone looking to wear clothes that will protect their health inside and out.



Bryan Goodman CEO and Co-Founder
Charlene Beach CEO and Co-Founder

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