Older man kayaking in the open waters Older man kayaking in the open waters

Worlds Most Advanced Wool Clothing

 Firefighters fighting fire on the charlie side of the two story house.  Firefighters fighting fire on the charlie side of the two story house.

Chemical & PFAS Free

Neck Tube & Blue Flora

Eco-Friendly & Compostable

Rose Rhea's Rose Violet Twins

Protection from the Elements


We take pride in designing the world’s most advanced next-to-skin chemical and PFAS free merino wool clothing and station for professionals working in high-risk environments and everyday adventurers.

Soft and comfortable without all the added extras that fast fashion gives you. Made to protect you inside and out.

Made from 100% Merino Wool and now Made in the USA with your health in mind. Protection at its finest, so you can focus on what matters most.

SABER Unisex Station Wear Top Shirt SABER Unisex Station Wear Pants

Saber Station Wear

Chemical & PFAS Free Station Wear

Saber Station Wear is made to protect the protectors. No harsh chemicals, toxins, heavy metals or PFAS. Keep your crews healthy and safe. Their lives depend on it!

Now being made in the USA

Don't take our word for it


"I love the tunnel waist on the uniform pants. I was skeptical at first. They really move with you when you walk, run, bend, and it's important. You have to try them. No more sweaty legs, too!"


Chesapeake, VA


"I love my Jade Flora! It keeps me cool when mowing the lawn and I Iove it protects me against all UV rays."

Misty enjoying a cold one in her Jade Flora with a free Armadillo Merino USA slim can Koozie.

Clay, NY


"I have to admit, I got my Rammy's the other day and they are super soft and very supportive."

Rammy's up close and personal.

Quitman, TX


I love the Rhea!! When I was stuck traveling over 24 hours in different airports and didn't have the ability to change shirts ...This product was a lifesaver!! It doesn't trap scents, kept me cool/warm as the temperature changed, and was very comfortable. Not to mention it is a natural product that won't kill you with chemicals!

Cross country walk with my walking sticks in my Flora.

Chesapeake, VA


" I love the fact that all my Armadillo clothing keeps me cool playing 18-holes in the muggy Virginia weather. I have Rammy's, Cougar shirts and Commando Trainers. Trust me when I say, I won't golf in anything else, and neither will you."

A great day on the course to play 18 holes in my Commando trainers, Rammy's and Cougar

Hampton, VA

Military Women

Giving Back

Coming Soon!

Sustainable Biodegradable & Compostable

90-Day Return Policy